Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* add support for n5100HEADreplicant-6.0Wolfgang Wiedmeyer2017-07-146-0/+471
* support new codename and board name for piranhaWolfgang Wiedmeyer2017-06-112-1/+11
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'replicant/master' into replicant-6.0replicant-6.0-0001Wolfgang Wiedmeyer2016-08-257-0/+77
| * Add some missing headersmasterPaul Kocialkowski2016-02-024-0/+4
| * tools: nv_data-md5 tool for calculating (salted) nv_data md5Paul Kocialkowski2016-02-024-0/+74
* | fix the rest of linker errors and get rid of implicit declaration warningsWolfgang Wiedmeyer2015-12-225-2/+6
* | fix includesWolfgang Wiedmeyer2015-12-173-2/+3
* aries: The gprs iface may be requested before it's activatedreplicant-4.2-0004Paul Kocialkowski2014-12-271-19/+3
* ipc_utils: ipc_data_dump string escapereplicant-4.2-0003Paul Kocialkowski2014-11-151-2/+14
* gprs: Unknown fieldsPaul Kocialkowski2014-11-101-2/+2
* libsamsung-ipc version 0.3.1Paul Kocialkowski2014-11-022-1/+14
* gitignore: Binaries from toolsPaul Kocialkowski2014-11-021-2/+2
* svc: String headerPaul Kocialkowski2014-11-021-0/+1
* Ignore the autotools INSTALL filePaul Wise2014-11-021-0/+1
* Fix crash in modemctrl after a failed bootstrapPaul Wise2014-11-021-1/+1
* Properly handle errors bootstrapping modemPaul Wise2014-11-021-2/+6
* Drop the INSTALL file and let autotools copy it inPaul Wise2014-11-021-365/+0
* tools: Autotools intermediates cleanupPaul Kocialkowski2014-09-072-456/+0
* tools: Proper arguments to ipc_client_pollPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-284-2/+458
* libsamsung-ipc version 0.3.0Paul Kocialkowski2014-08-072-1/+122
* External fds polling supportPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-0712-33/+129
* xmm626: Check modem status on read and writePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-061-2/+12
* sec: RSIM access extract helperPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-042-0/+33
* rfs: Proper helpersPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-042-35/+59
* sms: Arguments checkPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-041-0/+6
* sms: SVC center addr extract helperPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-042-0/+27
* sms: Size function for helpers that return data with non-explicit sizePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-032-9/+57
* sec: Size function for helpers that return data with non-explicit sizePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-032-1/+21
* rfs: Size function for helpers that return data with non-explicit sizePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-022-5/+20
* net: PLMN list extract helpers, PLMN typePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-022-1/+47
* devices: Proper alignment (12 and 16 tabs of 4 spaces)Paul Kocialkowski2014-08-027-101/+99
* devices: Size limit when reading RFS dataPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-026-2/+14
* call: Size function for helpers that return data with non-explicit sizePaul Kocialkowski2014-08-022-1/+18
* disp: Proper icon info structure and flagsPaul Kocialkowski2014-08-021-4/+18
* gprs: Various bits and updatesPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-301-10/+20
* Missing gprs_activate/deactivate handlers definitionsPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-296-12/+72
* gprs: Fail causes import from TizenPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-291-10/+28
* GPRS cid count is unsigned integerPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-287-21/+21
* svc: HelpersPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-275-3/+97
* Offset is unsigned intPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-265-12/+14
* ipc_utils: New line before printing I/O debugPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-261-0/+4
* sec: RSIM access helperPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-262-0/+32
* sms: Only copy when there is actual dataPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-261-2/+4
* utils: Dedicated function for length/sizePaul Kocialkowski2014-07-262-11/+46
* utils: Shared libraries don't allow for internal functionsPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-2613-50/+13
* Data dump function replacementPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-262-61/+129
* sms: Save/del msg helpers, send msg correctionPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-262-12/+69
* sms: Headers sort, pdu extract helperPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-052-16/+42
* xmm626: HSIC ACKs are not reliablePaul Kocialkowski2014-07-051-4/+4
* snd: Proper missing structuresPaul Kocialkowski2014-07-051-1/+13