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* Removed autotools and VS files, and standardised source dir namingBenjamin Dobell2015-02-191-30/+1
* CMake files for Heimdall CLI and mingw supportBenjamin Dobell2014-11-171-0/+1
* Updated .gitignore to exclude ./configure and Make output.Benjamin Dobell2014-05-151-0/+21
* Project file changes (for statically linked vc++ library builds).Benjamin Dobell2014-05-061-0/+1
* Regenerated autoconf files.Benjamin Dobell2013-03-141-0/+1
* Added a Qt4VSPropertySheet.props file that will hopefully work for other people.Benjamin Dobell2012-10-071-1/+0
* Heimdall 1.4 RC1:Benjamin Dobell2012-10-021-0/+8
* Added .gitignore file to remove all of OS X's directory fluff.aidansteele2010-12-071-0/+2