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diff --git a/services/audioflinger/Threads.h b/services/audioflinger/Threads.h
index 8fab1e4..4009c18 100644
--- a/services/audioflinger/Threads.h
+++ b/services/audioflinger/Threads.h
@@ -309,7 +309,8 @@ public:
int sessionId,
effect_descriptor_t *desc,
int *enabled,
- status_t *status /*non-NULL*/);
+ status_t *status /*non-NULL*/,
+ bool pinned);
// return values for hasAudioSession (bit field)
enum effect_state {
@@ -346,7 +347,9 @@ public:
status_t addEffect_l(const sp< EffectModule>& effect);
// remove and effect module. Also removes the effect chain is this was the last
// effect
- void removeEffect_l(const sp< EffectModule>& effect);
+ void removeEffect_l(const sp< EffectModule>& effect, bool release = false);
+ // disconnect an effect handle from module and destroy module if last handle
+ void disconnectEffectHandle(EffectHandle *handle, bool unpinIfLast);
// detach all tracks connected to an auxiliary effect
virtual void detachAuxEffect_l(int effectId __unused) {}
// returns either EFFECT_SESSION if effects on this audio session exist in one