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* DO NOT MERGE - improve audio effect framwework thread safetyEric Laurent2017-03-221-1/+4
* audiopolicy: Constrain session events to music streamsSteve Kondik2016-07-181-0/+5
* Enforce permission for accessing fm tunerScott Mertz2016-07-082-0/+9
* audiopolicy: Add AudioSessionInfo APISteve Kondik2016-04-277-18/+267
* audiopolicy: Revert all session callback patches.Steve Kondik2016-04-226-206/+16
* audiopolicy: Fix notification not sent for session releaseSteve Kondik2016-04-222-4/+2
* audiopolicy: Clean up the messSteve Kondik2016-04-196-208/+27
* audiopolicy: Update legacy policy for session callbacksSteve Kondik2016-04-161-12/+26
* audiopolicy: Be a little smarter with auto-attachSteve Kondik2016-04-076-48/+191
* audio: Send effect session notifications after startOutput successSteve Kondik2016-04-052-5/+11
* audiopolicy: squashed support for pre-kitkat audio blobsc4572016-03-102-0/+14
* audiopolicy: Defer release of output session effectsSteve Kondik2016-03-084-2/+96
* audiopolicy: Add notification when default effects are updatedSteve Kondik2016-03-085-6/+122
* av: Add support for loading audio_effects_vendor.confSteve Kondik2016-01-121-1/+3
* audiopolicy: Handle legacy startOutput on output command thread tooXuefer2016-01-061-1/+15
* audiopolicy: Handle startOutput on output command threadHaynes Mathew George2015-12-233-0/+57
* AudioPolicyService: Synchronize access to AudioPolicyManagerHaynes Mathew George2015-11-071-0/+1
* Merge tag 'android-6.0.0_r26' into cm-13.0Ricardo Cerqueira2015-11-052-9/+21
| * AudioPolicyService: fix race in AudioCommandThreadEric Laurent2015-09-231-8/+16
| * audio policy: bind setMode() and setPhoneState() operationsEric Laurent2015-09-161-1/+5
* | Stagefright: Add Checks for allocationsSathishKumar Mani2015-10-062-0/+4
* | audiopolicy: port existing fixes to AudioPolicyManagerSatya Krishna Pindiproli2015-10-061-4/+6
* audio policy: protect capture from telephony RX path.Eric Laurent2015-08-071-0/+2
* Fix build warningGlenn Kasten2015-07-061-0/+1
* reduce number of binder calls from mediaserverEric Laurent2015-06-262-3/+25
* Merge "audio policy: session routes continued." into mnc-devEric Laurent2015-04-304-4/+29
| * audio policy: session routes continued.Eric Laurent2015-04-304-4/+29
* | Respect the record audio app op - mediaSvet Ganov2015-04-291-3/+3
* Explicit routing in AudioRecordPaul McLean2015-04-283-8/+11
* audio policy: remove permission check for ports and patches gettersEric Laurent2015-04-201-9/+0
* audio policy: add binder calls for audio source controlEric Laurent2015-04-153-0/+39
* Merge "AudioPolicyManager: notification of dynamic policy mix activity"Jean-Michel Trivi2015-04-153-2/+76
| * AudioPolicyManager: notification of dynamic policy mix activityJean-Michel Trivi2015-04-143-2/+76
* | audio polciy: remove FM audio capture permission.Eric Laurent2015-04-132-4/+2
* Adding explicit routing API to AudioTrackPaul McLean2015-04-083-1/+4
* Make sure waitRelative is called when waitTime != INT64_MAXWally Yau2015-03-241-1/+1
* Refactor AudioPolicyManagerJean-Michel Trivi2015-02-188-0/+4269